Staubfrei (‘Dust-Free’) | Display Cabinets | VON EDE | 2012 / 2016

STAUBFREI is a family of shelving units made of solid wood, which form a closed, dust-free storage space surrounded by sliding doors and acrylic glass panels. The all-round frosted panelling means that the units can be used as standalone furnishings or, for example, placed in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. The design is based on a grid system, which makes the cabinets suitable for a wide range of applications; they are conceived for both floor and wall installation and open or closed use. They can be supplied either ready assembled or as a flat pack for assembly by the user; they can also be produced to custom specifications. In 2012, the series was presented for the first time at the IMM in Cologne by the company Rodam. Since 2016, new models have been marketed by VON EDE.

Solid oak, frosted glass or frosted acrylic. Photos 5-7: Rodam